Intro- Ramp up Your Sales Pages

Discover the psychology behind the 12 proven steps to writing sales pages that sell.

This course is ideal if you trying to make money online, currently write your own sales pages, are a start-up or have under-performing sales or video sales letters in place. You may also wish to enrol if you are a copywriter.

The most important tool in your marketing funnel is the sales page. Whether written or video, all the big shots who are highly successful online have awesome sales pages. Even their free stuff is often preceded with either a written or video sales letter. Most use both.

Of course they pay copywriters thousands to have these written and designed.

This course will give you the psychology behind an easy to learn 12 step proven system that has made millions in sales for our clients.

It will take you through what virtually every "Buying Brain" goes through before it will purchase anything.

If you already have your sales pages up and running use this course to give your pages or videos an appraisal. If you implement the steps you will see a dramatic increase in your results.

The 9 page PDF report also contains 64 power-check questions you can ask your sales pages to help you on each step.

This is an introduction to my upcoming paid course which will take you through each of the 12 steps using real life case studies and examples.

Intended Audience: Marketers Entrepreneurs Start-Up's Copywriters

The Full 12 Steps
Weapons of Mass Distraction
The Pain, Problem and Frustration
How to Identify the Pleasure
How to Find Your Compelling Solution

What's included

  • 5 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Rob Hamilton